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Meet the team

The esthétique girls

How long in beauty:  16 years 

Favourite Treatment: I love any treatment where I’m helping to fix a clients insecurity. 

Favourite Product: Revive Morning Bath and Shower oil

Owner - Katie

staff pic
staff pic

General Manager - Emma

How long in beauty: I have been in the industry for 16 years and have loved every minute of it.

Favourite Treatment: would be any kind of facial. I am extremely passionate about skincare and love seeing results.

Favourite Product: HA Intensifier 

staff pic

Beauty Therapist - Vic

How long in beauty: Been in the industry 18 years  

Favourite Treatment: My favourite treatments would have to be nails and threading. I love to see the hairs being removed and float in the air, I guess it's a bit of a guilty pleasure.

Favourite Product: I love them all!

Beauty Therapist - Claire

How long in beauty:  21 Years 

Favourite Treatment: Any treatment that makes the client smile

Favourite Product:HA Intensifier

Receptionist - Chris

How long in beauty: I am new to the beauty industry but have always been interested in the different treatments.

Favourite Treatment: Definitely Reflexology

Favourite Product: I love the Aromatherapy associate candles, they smell beautiful

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